Thursday, May 26, 2016

Keeping Photo Metadata intact

As we're trying out different methods of collecting a person's photos, it's become clear that there are some things that work and others that don't when keeping metadata intact.

Things that work:

  • Computer to Dropbox
    • Dropbox Uploader Mac app
    • Dropbox website
      • Add photos to your own account
      • User adds photos through file request
  • Computer to Google Photos
    • Google Photos Uploader Mac app
  • Computer to Amazon Cloud
    • Amazon cloud uploader Mac app
  • iPhone to Dropbox
    • Dropbox App

Things that don't work:

  • iPhone to Dropbox
    • user adds photos through file request (mobile web).  Metadata is stripped out
  • Downloading from Social sites
    • Facebook strips metadata
    • Instagram strips metadata

Here's a good reference as well:

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